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To complement the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet, has been launched to provide a step by step guide to the different elements involved in internet marketing.


The aim of the site is to simplify and explain several of the processes required for successful internet marketing; from purchasing website domain names and hosting, understanding keyword research, search engine optimisation techniques, generating traffic, automation tools, methods, business models etc….

It will also cover some of the more general aspects of internet marketing, common issues faced, how to overcome them etc..

It is very easy to make a start on an internet based business and very common to come to a stop very soon after. Many people get dispirited when success is not instant.

Sometimes people don’t know how to progress their ideas, or what to do first and what can wait until later.

Or they might know what they want to implement, but don’t know some of the technical elements required.


By understanding and implementing the processes involved in a systematic manner you stand a much better chance of succeeding with an internet marketing based business.

The site is intended to address this with useful step-by-step information help bring clarity to the various parts of the process and to help see you through the tricky bits.

It won’t promise any surefire methods to make thousands of dollars a day and although it might recommend products and services that can help automate some of the processes involved in internet marketing, it will try and avoid the hype that surrounds so many product launches. There are enough useful products available that just do a good job and that I’m happy to recommend as a result.

The content of the site will develop rapidly over the next couple of months.


In addition, you will also find coupon codes posted there for useful products and plugins etc which may be of interest to you.

I hope you find the site and its content useful and wish you the best in successful internet marketing.


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