Catalyst Theme for WordPress Version 1.2.1

Catalyst ThemeThe latest release of Catalyst Theme for WordPress, Version 1.2.1 includes several relatively minor new features rather than any huge new bits of functionality.

They’re nice though all the same, and are a sign of the growing maturity of Catalyst Theme for WordPress as a premium theme in this marketplace.

Here’s a brief overview of the new stuff in the latest version…


WordPress Post Formats

This is a fairly recent feature within WordPress that Catalyst Theme now takes advantage of. Post formats allow you to specify the post as being of a certain type of content – such as a video format or an image gallery, audio content etc.

When Catalyst is set to recognize them, you can then display icons (that are provided by Catalyst) in the Post title for each format type. You can also apply CSS styling to each specific post format type too. So standard format posts can be styled differently to video format posts etc etc.

This helps makes it easy for a visitor to quickly gauge the type of content on offer in a post and to provide an additional type of classification/categorization of posts separate to the traditional categories taxonomy.


Custom Body Class and Custom Post Class Options

Catalyst Theme now also provides an option for each Page and/or Post for a custom class to be specified if desired. Custom CSS code specific to that class (and therefore the Page(s) or Post(s) concerned) can then be applied for a very granular level of styling.


Other Catalyst Theme Enhancements

EZ Row Wrap classes to style.css have been added that allow content on a Page or Post to be broken up into both rows and columns.

A Failsafe for Dynamik Options Undo functionality has been added

The Catalyst Breadcrumbs Function now recognizes Custom Post Types.

The Catalyst Admin styles have been given a cleaner look to be more inline with the WordPress Dashboard style that will be seen in WordPress 3.2.

Catalyst Theme 1.2 Released

Catalyst ThemeThe release of Catalyst Theme version 1.2 has made available some neat touches that add even more flexibility, including:

* Hybrid Post Content
* Individual Category Page Layout Controls
* Page Title Removal
* jQuery Navbar Menu options


Catalyst Theme Hybrid Post Content

The first main addition is the availability of Hybrid content for your blog and archive pages.

Catalyst Theme has previously allowed you to choose between showing each post in full, one after the other, or excerpts of each post’s content.

Now you can have both….


Catalyst Theme Hybrid PostsCatalyst Theme Hybrid Post Content

Catalyst Theme options for this functionality allow you to specify how many posts are featured in full before the excerpt version kicks in for the remaining post content display.

You can also display the excerpt versions as full width content as shown above, or in two side-by-side columns.

Catalyst Theme Category Layout Control

In an extension of functionality added in the previous version to allow you to assign a custom page layout to Category archive pages, (and Tag archive pages), Catalyst Theme now lets you assign individual custom page layouts for individual Categories and Tags.

So you can have all your Category pages follow a separate page layout from the rest of the site (e.g. perhaps you might omit sidebars for example), and then let a particular category page display using its own unique page layout (e.g. perhaps a left sidebar). The options and possibilities are endless. You don’t have to use all the functionality all the time, and of course in many cases, it may be unnecessary to do so, but the point is that in those cases where you do need to implement something different like this, it’s usually possible with Catalyst Theme!

Page Title Removal

I’m really pleased this one has been added.

This new option in the Catalyst Core Content settings allows you to remove Page Titles nice and easily.

So for example, you no longer have “About” at the top of the page content, just under the Navigation menu tab that already shows where you are.

You could do this already using the Dynamik Hide settings, but this method is nice and quick. Note though that this new option completely removes the title content from the page code whereas the Hide option does not.

Talking of Navbar menus…

Catalyst Theme Navbar Menus with jQuery Drop-downs

This is kind of slinky…!

jQuery smooths out the drop-down motion when you click on a navbar page tab that has sub menu items in it.

So it’s not such an on/off feel to it, but more a smooth drop-down motion. Very nice touch.


So…. lot’s more cool stuff that shows Catalyst Theme is fast developing into a mature, sophisticated WordPress Theme!


Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet

This new functionality has been included in the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet which has been revised to Version 1.2 to match.

To update to the latest version, login to the Cheat Sheet membership area at:
(you’ll need the username and password details supplied by email when you originally registered for access to it)

Previous versions of the Cheat Sheet have been replaced with the  new version, so just download that.

Click here to find out more about the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet or click here to find out more about Catalyst Theme

Catalyst Theme – Cheat Sheet Update to V1.1.2

Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet cover imageThe Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet has been updated to coincide with changes made to Catalyst Theme with the release of the latest version, Catalyst 1.1.2 on March 24th.

It has revised screenshots and also details changes to the functionality such as:


  • User Meta Options which allow you to control Which WordPress users can view which Catalyst Admin pages.
  • User Meta Options which allow you to assign Custom Layouts to different WordPress User’s Author Archive Pages.
  • Assigning Custom Layouts to different non-singular page types (General Archives, Category Archives, Tag Archives, Search Results Pages and 404 Pages) in Core Options > Content.
  • The new “Special Layout” for Custom Layouts.
  • Setting your own Custom Layout Width Default values in Dynamik Options > Widths.
  • The “Blog Template” checkbox option for Core Options > Breadcrumbs
  • The “Blog Template” checkbox option for Dynamik Options > EZ > Feature Top/Fat Footer to allow you to refine the display locations a bit more.
  • The Core Options > Content “Zero Comment Text” option.
  • and more….


If you don’t already own Catalyst Theme (why on earth not!?) you can purchase Catalyst Theme here and then get access to the Cheat Sheet.

If you already have the Cheat Sheet and would like the latest version, just login to the Cheat Sheet membership area at:
(you’ll need the username and password details supplied by email when you originally registered for access to it)

Previous versions of the Cheat Sheet have been replaced with the new version, so just download that.


The Cheat Sheet will help you make the most of Catalyst Theme. Click here to find out more about the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet and Catalyst Theme.

Catalyst Theme – New Functionality in Version 1.1.2

Catalyst ThemeCatalyst Theme for WordPress…

…Version 1.1.2 of the Catalyst Theme has just been released which now includes:




  • User Meta Options to allow control of which WordPress users can view which Catalyst Admin pages.
  • User Meta Options to allow you to assign Custom Layouts to each different WordPress User’s Author Archive Pages.
  • The ability to assign Custom Page Layouts to different non-singular page types in Core Options > Content.
  • Now you can not only assign a default layout, but you can assign a Custom Layout to your General Archives, Category Archives, Tag Archives, Search Results Pages and 404 Pages.
  • A new “Special Layout” to Custom Layouts.  This Custom Page Layout is any Custom Layout that you begin the name with default_sidebars. What it does is NOT create it’s own unique Sidebar Widget Areas but instead takes on the Default sidebars and their widgets.
  • The ability to set your own Custom Layout Width Default values in Dynamik Options > Widths.
  • A “Blog Template” checkbox option for Core Options > Breadcrumbs as well as Dynamik Options > EZ > Feature Top/Fat Footer to allow you to refine the display locations of these features a bit more.
Additionally, this latest version of the Catalyst Theme has added in a $catalyst_loop_count variable to the Post Loop so you can use conditional statements to control when certain things display during the loop.  A great example of this is when you only want to display after your posts in the first and/or second occurrence of the post during the loop process.


Catalyst Theme has also added the .current-menu-item class to the Active Page Background CSS into Catalyst’s style.css file and Dynamik’s dynamik.css file. This is specific to WordPress Custom Menus.


There is now also a “Zero Comment Text” option to specify the text for posts with no comments yet made.


Along with a string of other minor enhancements and fixes, Catalyst Theme continues to grow in stature as one of the leading WordPress themes available.


You can find out more about Catalyst Theme here.


You can also find out about a great Catalyst Theme bonus here

Catalyst Theme – New Version 1.1.2

Catalyst ThemeCatalyst Theme goes from strength to strength and is fast becoming one of the most advanced Premium WordPress Themes available today.

Each new update of Catalyst Theme increases the functionality and capability of Catalyst as well as refining features that already exist. With the latest release today of Catalyst Theme 1.1.2 this is no different and many pretty cool things have been incorporated to make Catalyst better than ever!


Catalyst Theme Takes Custom Layouts up a Level

The Catalyst Premium WordPress Theme offers an amazingly flexible ability to create an unlimited number of Custom Page Layouts.

Each and any single page and post can be assigned a custom layout making it super easy to customize the structure of your website.

Prior to now though, non singular pages such as Archive pages, the Search Results page, 404 page or individual Author pages could only be assigned the default layout and there was no way to specify otherwise. With Catalyst 1.1.2, however, this is no longer the case.

Now, in addition to being able to assign Custom Layouts to Single Posts and Pages, you can also assign them to…

  • General Archive Pages
  • Category Archive Pages
  • Tag Archive Pages
  • Search Results Pages
  • 404 Pages

as well as Individual Author Pages, each one being able to use a different Custom Layout for maximum custom flexibility!

This means you can quickly and easily take full control over the layouts or your different posts, pages and post/page types.

Furthermore, because these are Custom Page Layouts this means you can now easily focus specific Custom Widget Areas and Custom Hook boxes onto these page and/or post types. So if, you wanted a Custom Widget Area to only display on your Category Archives Pages, you can just assign a Custom Layout to your Category Archives page and then focus that Custom Widget Area on that particular Custom Layout.


Catalyst Theme  – New “Special Layout” Type:

The previous update of Catalyst Theme introduced the catalyst_landing_page Custom Layout type which makes it really easy to create Custom Landing Pages. With this update to the Catalyst Theme we’ve added the default_sidebars Custom Layout type which allows you to create a Custom Layout that takes on the Default Sidebars.

This is useful for those situations where you don’t need a new set of Custom Sidebar Widget Areas, but just want to change the Layout of a page with a Custom Layout. By using any variant of the default_sidebars name when creating your Custom Layouts you will do just that.


Find out more about Catalyst Theme

New Version 1.1 of Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet Released

Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet cover imageTo complement the latest version 1.1 of the Catalyst Theme for WordPress, the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet has also been enhanced to reflect the changes and additional functionality.

Version 1.1 of the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet includes new material on major new functionality like:


Catalyst Theme EZ Widgets

  • How to create a Static Homepage quickly and easily
  • How to add Static Homepage EZ Widgets
  • How to make sure it’s set right for SEO
  • How Add Feature Top and Fat Footer EZ Widgets

EZ Widgets let you create a Static Homepage easily. EZ Widgets let you display

  • up to 4 Feature Top Widgets (can also display on all other Pages & Posts etc too)
  • up to 3 Static Homepage Top Widgets • up to 3 Static Homepage Middle Widgets
  • up to 3 Static Homepage Bottom Widgets
  • up to 4 Fat Footer Widgets (can also appear on all other Pages & Posts etc too)


EZ Widget layout in Catalyst Theme


If you’ve used Frugal Theme before, this will be very familiar territory to you.


Catalyst Theme Custom CSS Builder

Then we’ve added a whole section on the Custom CSS Builder in Catalyst Theme.

Think it sounds too advanced for you… don’t worry, the Catalsyt Theme Cheat Sheet explains it all clearly.

Once you start using it, you wont want to stop!!

A clear guide with easy step by step images and explanations to follow make using the CSS Builder very easy. Users of other WordPress themes will be kicking themselves they don’t use Catalyst Theme instead!!


Shortcodes.. and more..

Then there’s using Shortcodes to display Custom Widget Areas where you like.. in any location, quickly and easily…

All the screenshots have also been updated to reflect the new functionality and many other minor changes made to ensure that the new revised Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet V1.1. matches the Catalyst Theme.

It was 170+ pages of great content – it’s now grown to over 200….!

Make sure you download it as soon as you’ve downloaded Catalyst Theme itself!

Catalyst Theme Version 1.1 is Released

Catalyst ThemeCatalyst Theme version 1.1 is Launched

The latest version of Catalyst them for WordPress is the most significant update yet.

From minor advances to whole new chunks of functionality, Catalyst Theme version 1.1 just keeps adding more powerful functionality while keeping things simple.

Here’s what the Eric and Seth, the developers have to say….

With pre-1.1 Catalyst you still had all of the powerful, totally flexible functionality of the Advanced Options (Custom Layouts, Widget Areas and Hook Boxes), but there were 3 things we felt were lacking.

For one, there are just too many users who, at least in the beginning, just want to click a few options and have a Static Homepage layout locked and loaded.  Or maybe want to display a few side-by-side Widget Areas in their footer or just below their Header area (or both).  To address this issue we’ve created an all new Catalyst Feature called “EZ Widget Areas” which will talk about soon.

Next, for those who are loving these powerful Advanced Options, we felt that one of the things missing with this Custom Layout structuring tool was the ability to wrap the Custom Widget Areas in their own Div structures.  Sure, you can hook them into section of your site, but what if you could instead first wrap them in their own unique Div structure and THEN hook them into your content? What we’ve done to address this and a few other things as well, is make it so you can turn your Custom Widget Areas and Custom Hook Boxes into Shortcodes.  With this new functionality you can create all kinds of totally unique Custom Layouts like never before.

But what if you don’t know how to do this?  That’s totally fine too!  Because the third thing we address with 1.1 is the ability to Import and Export your Advanced Options individually.  So this means that you can either Export everything (both your Core and Advanced Options) or you can just spit out/pull in Custom CSS or Custom Widget Areas or Custom Hook Boxes, etc… any combination. What this also means, though, is that we can now create these Custom Layout Structures for you and then you can just Import them into your site with a few clicks of your mouse.

So with EZ Widget Areas, enhanced Custom Widget Areas and Shortcodes that enable you to put what you like, where you like, Catalyst Theme really has taken a huge leap forward.

I’ve had my hands on this for a while now in order to be able to keep the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet up to date with all these changes.

The functionality is super powerful and super easy to use, making it easy to get impressive results very easily indeed and without the need for coding!!

You can see some of the test results in the Cheat Sheet which has now grown to 200+ pages.

Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet Updated to Version 1.0.4

Catalyst ThemeThe hard working guys at Catalyst Theme have released version 1.0.4 – the biggest update since the launch in December.

Quite a bit of functionality has been amended including the Catalyst Excerpt Widget.

This has resulted in a new version of the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet to include the additional functionality which includes :

  • All of the Core Excerpt Widget options have been moved into the actual Widget itself. You can can also display Full Content as well as Excerpts and you can now adjust the Excerpt Widgets on a per-widget basis.
  • Thumbnails options in the Excerpts Options have been seriously enhanced with custom thumbnail settings available meaning you can display the same thumbnail with different settings in different locations.
  • For better SEO you’ll also find the Page Content now loads first when you load a page in a web browser – that’s a plus all round, both for real visitors and being more search engine friendly.
  • You can also now add a Homepage Doc Title SEO Option in the Core SEO Options.

Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet cover imageUpdate to the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet

To complement these changes, I have re-worked the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet which is now also available as version 1.0.4 to match the Catalyst Theme version number.

If you are an existing customer of the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet, just use your login details to access the new version (the previous version has been replaced).

Alternatively, you can purchase the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet here.

If you don’t already own the Catalyst Theme, then you can claim access to your free copy when you purchase the Catalyst Theme through the affiliate link at Catalyst Theme Bonus.

Either way, the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet is a superb addition to the superb Catalyst Theme WordPress Theme !

Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet Now Available

Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet cover imageFollowing the recent launch of the Catalyst Theme for WordPress, we are pleased to announce the release of the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet!


What is the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet?

The Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet covers how to develop an effective site using Catalyst – a site that is optimized for SEO, that gets visitor traffic and that helps fulfill your expectations of, and intention behind, the site, whether that’s revenue generation, lead generation, or spreading information to a wider audience.

The Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet is over 170 pages of great content designed to help you maximize the results you can obtain from using Catalyst Theme for WordPress.

Whether you want to want to make a site to promote your business, make affiliate product sales, or provide information, the Cheat Sheet will help you develop sites more effectively and more successfully.


Do you want to make websites that deliver better results?

Do you want to make websites that rank better?

Do you want more visitor traffic?

Do you want to make more sales?


You may already know just how easy it is to devote hours and hours developing websites that end up half finished, or that don’t get any traffic or sales. Perhaps you’ve used other website building tools in the past and struggled to get the type of site design you want, or used other WordPress themes that seem to present more problems than solutions!

If so, you’re not the first and wont be the last! Many people struggle with all the different aspects required in making a website successful.

Well, the good news is that using the Catalyst WordPress theme to develop your sites gives you a huge advantage to start with, and the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet will guide you through the processes to achieve success for your site(s) using techniques, strategies and tips that most other website developers overlook or just don’t do.

See how easy it is to give yourself a huge advantage over them by following the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet!

Catalyst Theme for WordPress is Launched

Catalyst ThemeWhat is the Catalyst Theme for WordPress?


Catalyst Theme is a brand new premium WordPress Theme Framework from the same people who made the Frugal Theme.


I believe Frugal Theme was a groundbreaking premium WordPress theme – no question. I’ve been using it for over a year to build sites quickly and easily. It makes designing great looking WordPress sites very easy indeed. And it’s incredibly powerful too, both in functionality and flexibility.


But the Frugal Theme  had so much functionality added over the last year or two that it was in danger of becoming overly complex to use.

So the the people at Frugal re-wrote it from the ground up!
Doing everything they wanted to with a clean slate instead of amending existing code.


The result is a simply superb WordPress theme.


It is more than just a version change of an existing product.

So much so in fact, that Frugal Theme version 4 has been renamed

Catalyst Theme


Catalyst Theme - WordPress Accelerated



I’ve been testing the beta copy over the last few weeks and think it is just one of the best premium WordPress themes around.

Frugal is a great WordPress theme – Catalyst is a whole new ball game!


Here’s what the developers have to say:

We’ve been working on Catalyst Development way before it was even called Catalyst. For months we’ve been adding amazing features, refining our code and testing, testing, testing. So to be able to finally share this masterpiece of a WordPress Theme with you is nothing short of incredible!

Early on we didn’t even know we were working on a totally brand new Premium WordPress Theme. For all we knew we were just making our original Premium Theme better. It wasn’t until we realized how far forward this project had leaped that we knew it was time to break free from our Frugal Theme and into a new, far more advanced WordPress Theme chapter.

By the time we reached the beta testing stages we realized we had a serious contender on our hands. Our zero limits philosophy had pushed us to create a Website Design Tool that was not only easy to use but clean, fast and super efficient.



What’s in Catalyst Theme?


The good news about the new Catalyst Theme is:

  • it’s kept all the ease of use that Frugal Theme is famous for – you can still design great sites without any coding
  • it now has all that functionality in a super slick interface that makes accessing options simple, clear and intuitive like never before
  • it has super easy and totally comprehensive SEO functionality included
  • add header images easily and without coding – super simple
  • you can have unlimited custom layouts… every and every page and post can have it’s own individual different layout – 1 sidebar, 2 sidebars, double – whatever… and you can size the width of each page differently too
  • or you can of course make it such that every page or post follows the same layout too – automatically
  • it’s still got all the Frugal Theme functionality for custom widgets and custom hooks
  • it has expanded the already extensive font control in Frugal Theme to be totally comprehensive in Catalyst
  • it now also integrates with the Google Font Library API for more fonts, more easily
  • it includes the concept of child themes – making design of different site elements clear and intuitively simple
  • for advanced users it includes a CSS custom code building tool
  • extensive help and documentation has been built in to the theme itself
  • it now has automatic updates (so no more installing zip files manually!)
  • it includes a build in image uploader
  • … and so much more….


Check out the great new Catalyst Theme today. It’s truly awesome!


Catalyst Theme - WordPress Accelerated