Catalyst Theme Version 1.1 is Released

Catalyst ThemeCatalyst Theme version 1.1 is Launched

The latest version of Catalyst them for WordPress is the most significant update yet.

From minor advances to whole new chunks of functionality, Catalyst Theme version 1.1 just keeps adding more powerful functionality while keeping things simple.

Here’s what the Eric and Seth, the developers have to say….

With pre-1.1 Catalyst you still had all of the powerful, totally flexible functionality of the Advanced Options (Custom Layouts, Widget Areas and Hook Boxes), but there were 3 things we felt were lacking.

For one, there are just too many users who, at least in the beginning, just want to click a few options and have a Static Homepage layout locked and loaded.  Or maybe want to display a few side-by-side Widget Areas in their footer or just below their Header area (or both).  To address this issue we’ve created an all new Catalyst Feature called “EZ Widget Areas” which will talk about soon.

Next, for those who are loving these powerful Advanced Options, we felt that one of the things missing with this Custom Layout structuring tool was the ability to wrap the Custom Widget Areas in their own Div structures.  Sure, you can hook them into section of your site, but what if you could instead first wrap them in their own unique Div structure and THEN hook them into your content? What we’ve done to address this and a few other things as well, is make it so you can turn your Custom Widget Areas and Custom Hook Boxes into Shortcodes.  With this new functionality you can create all kinds of totally unique Custom Layouts like never before.

But what if you don’t know how to do this?  That’s totally fine too!  Because the third thing we address with 1.1 is the ability to Import and Export your Advanced Options individually.  So this means that you can either Export everything (both your Core and Advanced Options) or you can just spit out/pull in Custom CSS or Custom Widget Areas or Custom Hook Boxes, etc… any combination. What this also means, though, is that we can now create these Custom Layout Structures for you and then you can just Import them into your site with a few clicks of your mouse.

So with EZ Widget Areas, enhanced Custom Widget Areas and Shortcodes that enable you to put what you like, where you like, Catalyst Theme really has taken a huge leap forward.

I’ve had my hands on this for a while now in order to be able to keep the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet up to date with all these changes.

The functionality is super powerful and super easy to use, making it easy to get impressive results very easily indeed and without the need for coding!!

You can see some of the test results in the Cheat Sheet which has now grown to 200+ pages.

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