Catalyst Theme – New Version 1.1.2

Catalyst ThemeCatalyst Theme goes from strength to strength and is fast becoming one of the most advanced Premium WordPress Themes available today.

Each new update of Catalyst Theme increases the functionality and capability of Catalyst as well as refining features that already exist. With the latest release today of Catalyst Theme 1.1.2 this is no different and many pretty cool things have been incorporated to make Catalyst better than ever!


Catalyst Theme Takes Custom Layouts up a Level

The Catalyst Premium WordPress Theme offers an amazingly flexible ability to create an unlimited number of Custom Page Layouts.

Each and any single page and post can be assigned a custom layout making it super easy to customize the structure of your website.

Prior to now though, non singular pages such as Archive pages, the Search Results page, 404 page or individual Author pages could only be assigned the default layout and there was no way to specify otherwise. With Catalyst 1.1.2, however, this is no longer the case.

Now, in addition to being able to assign Custom Layouts to Single Posts and Pages, you can also assign them to…

  • General Archive Pages
  • Category Archive Pages
  • Tag Archive Pages
  • Search Results Pages
  • 404 Pages

as well as Individual Author Pages, each one being able to use a different Custom Layout for maximum custom flexibility!

This means you can quickly and easily take full control over the layouts or your different posts, pages and post/page types.

Furthermore, because these are Custom Page Layouts this means you can now easily focus specific Custom Widget Areas and Custom Hook boxes onto these page and/or post types. So if, you wanted a Custom Widget Area to only display on your Category Archives Pages, you can just assign a Custom Layout to your Category Archives page and then focus that Custom Widget Area on that particular Custom Layout.


Catalyst Theme  – New “Special Layout” Type:

The previous update of Catalyst Theme introduced the catalyst_landing_page Custom Layout type which makes it really easy to create Custom Landing Pages. With this update to the Catalyst Theme we’ve added the default_sidebars Custom Layout type which allows you to create a Custom Layout that takes on the Default Sidebars.

This is useful for those situations where you don’t need a new set of Custom Sidebar Widget Areas, but just want to change the Layout of a page with a Custom Layout. By using any variant of the default_sidebars name when creating your Custom Layouts you will do just that.


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