Catalyst Theme – New Functionality in Version 1.1.2

Catalyst ThemeCatalyst Theme for WordPress…

…Version 1.1.2 of the Catalyst Theme has just been released which now includes:




  • User Meta Options to allow control of which WordPress users can view which Catalyst Admin pages.
  • User Meta Options to allow you to assign Custom Layouts to each different WordPress User’s Author Archive Pages.
  • The ability to assign Custom Page Layouts to different non-singular page types in Core Options > Content.
  • Now you can not only assign a default layout, but you can assign a Custom Layout to your General Archives, Category Archives, Tag Archives, Search Results Pages and 404 Pages.
  • A new “Special Layout” to Custom Layouts.  This Custom Page Layout is any Custom Layout that you begin the name with default_sidebars. What it does is NOT create it’s own unique Sidebar Widget Areas but instead takes on the Default sidebars and their widgets.
  • The ability to set your own Custom Layout Width Default values in Dynamik Options > Widths.
  • A “Blog Template” checkbox option for Core Options > Breadcrumbs as well as Dynamik Options > EZ > Feature Top/Fat Footer to allow you to refine the display locations of these features a bit more.
Additionally, this latest version of the Catalyst Theme has added in a $catalyst_loop_count variable to the Post Loop so you can use conditional statements to control when certain things display during the loop.  A great example of this is when you only want to display after your posts in the first and/or second occurrence of the post during the loop process.


Catalyst Theme has also added the .current-menu-item class to the Active Page Background CSS into Catalyst’s style.css file and Dynamik’s dynamik.css file. This is specific to WordPress Custom Menus.


There is now also a “Zero Comment Text” option to specify the text for posts with no comments yet made.


Along with a string of other minor enhancements and fixes, Catalyst Theme continues to grow in stature as one of the leading WordPress themes available.


You can find out more about Catalyst Theme here.


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