Catalyst Theme for WordPress Version 1.2.1

Catalyst ThemeThe latest release of Catalyst Theme for WordPress, Version 1.2.1 includes several relatively minor new features rather than any huge new bits of functionality.

They’re nice though all the same, and are a sign of the growing maturity of Catalyst Theme for WordPress as a premium theme in this marketplace.

Here’s a brief overview of the new stuff in the latest version…


WordPress Post Formats

This is a fairly recent feature within WordPress that Catalyst Theme now takes advantage of. Post formats allow you to specify the post as being of a certain type of content – such as a video format or an image gallery, audio content etc.

When Catalyst is set to recognize them, you can then display icons (that are provided by Catalyst) in the Post title for each format type. You can also apply CSS styling to each specific post format type too. So standard format posts can be styled differently to video format posts etc etc.

This helps makes it easy for a visitor to quickly gauge the type of content on offer in a post and to provide an additional type of classification/categorization of posts separate to the traditional categories taxonomy.


Custom Body Class and Custom Post Class Options

Catalyst Theme now also provides an option for each Page and/or Post for a custom class to be specified if desired. Custom CSS code specific to that class (and therefore the Page(s) or Post(s) concerned) can then be applied for a very granular level of styling.


Other Catalyst Theme Enhancements

EZ Row Wrap classes to style.css have been added that allow content on a Page or Post to be broken up into both rows and columns.

A Failsafe for Dynamik Options Undo functionality has been added

The Catalyst Breadcrumbs Function now recognizes Custom Post Types.

The Catalyst Admin styles have been given a cleaner look to be more inline with the WordPress Dashboard style that will be seen in WordPress 3.2.

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