Catalyst Theme for WordPress is Launched

Catalyst ThemeWhat is the Catalyst Theme for WordPress?


Catalyst Theme is a brand new premium WordPress Theme Framework from the same people who made the Frugal Theme.


I believe Frugal Theme was a groundbreaking premium WordPress theme – no question. I’ve been using it for over a year to build sites quickly and easily. It makes designing great looking WordPress sites very easy indeed. And it’s incredibly powerful too, both in functionality and flexibility.


But the Frugal Theme  had so much functionality added over the last year or two that it was in danger of becoming overly complex to use.

So the the people at Frugal re-wrote it from the ground up!
Doing everything they wanted to with a clean slate instead of amending existing code.


The result is a simply superb WordPress theme.


It is more than just a version change of an existing product.

So much so in fact, that Frugal Theme version 4 has been renamed

Catalyst Theme


Catalyst Theme - WordPress Accelerated



I’ve been testing the beta copy over the last few weeks and think it is just one of the best premium WordPress themes around.

Frugal is a great WordPress theme – Catalyst is a whole new ball game!


Here’s what the developers have to say:

We’ve been working on Catalyst Development way before it was even called Catalyst. For months we’ve been adding amazing features, refining our code and testing, testing, testing. So to be able to finally share this masterpiece of a WordPress Theme with you is nothing short of incredible!

Early on we didn’t even know we were working on a totally brand new Premium WordPress Theme. For all we knew we were just making our original Premium Theme better. It wasn’t until we realized how far forward this project had leaped that we knew it was time to break free from our Frugal Theme and into a new, far more advanced WordPress Theme chapter.

By the time we reached the beta testing stages we realized we had a serious contender on our hands. Our zero limits philosophy had pushed us to create a Website Design Tool that was not only easy to use but clean, fast and super efficient.



What’s in Catalyst Theme?


The good news about the new Catalyst Theme is:

  • it’s kept all the ease of use that Frugal Theme is famous for – you can still design great sites without any coding
  • it now has all that functionality in a super slick interface that makes accessing options simple, clear and intuitive like never before
  • it has super easy and totally comprehensive SEO functionality included
  • add header images easily and without coding – super simple
  • you can have unlimited custom layouts… every and every page and post can have it’s own individual different layout – 1 sidebar, 2 sidebars, double – whatever… and you can size the width of each page differently too
  • or you can of course make it such that every page or post follows the same layout too – automatically
  • it’s still got all the Frugal Theme functionality for custom widgets and custom hooks
  • it has expanded the already extensive font control in Frugal Theme to be totally comprehensive in Catalyst
  • it now also integrates with the Google Font Library API for more fonts, more easily
  • it includes the concept of child themes – making design of different site elements clear and intuitively simple
  • for advanced users it includes a CSS custom code building tool
  • extensive help and documentation has been built in to the theme itself
  • it now has automatic updates (so no more installing zip files manually!)
  • it includes a build in image uploader
  • … and so much more….


Check out the great new Catalyst Theme today. It’s truly awesome!


Catalyst Theme - WordPress Accelerated

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