Catalyst Theme – Cheat Sheet Update to V1.1.2

Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet cover imageThe Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet has been updated to coincide with changes made to Catalyst Theme with the release of the latest version, Catalyst 1.1.2 on March 24th.

It has revised screenshots and also details changes to the functionality such as:


  • User Meta Options which allow you to control Which WordPress users can view which Catalyst Admin pages.
  • User Meta Options which allow you to assign Custom Layouts to different WordPress User’s Author Archive Pages.
  • Assigning Custom Layouts to different non-singular page types (General Archives, Category Archives, Tag Archives, Search Results Pages and 404 Pages) in Core Options > Content.
  • The new “Special Layout” for Custom Layouts.
  • Setting your own Custom Layout Width Default values in Dynamik Options > Widths.
  • The “Blog Template” checkbox option for Core Options > Breadcrumbs
  • The “Blog Template” checkbox option for Dynamik Options > EZ > Feature Top/Fat Footer to allow you to refine the display locations a bit more.
  • The Core Options > Content “Zero Comment Text” option.
  • and more….


If you don’t already own Catalyst Theme (why on earth not!?) you can purchase Catalyst Theme here and then get access to the Cheat Sheet.

If you already have the Cheat Sheet and would like the latest version, just login to the Cheat Sheet membership area at:
(you’ll need the username and password details supplied by email when you originally registered for access to it)

Previous versions of the Cheat Sheet have been replaced with the new version, so just download that.


The Cheat Sheet will help you make the most of Catalyst Theme. Click here to find out more about the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet and Catalyst Theme.

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