Catalyst Theme 1.2 Released

Catalyst ThemeThe release of Catalyst Theme version 1.2 has made available some neat touches that add even more flexibility, including:

* Hybrid Post Content
* Individual Category Page Layout Controls
* Page Title Removal
* jQuery Navbar Menu options


Catalyst Theme Hybrid Post Content

The first main addition is the availability of Hybrid content for your blog and archive pages.

Catalyst Theme has previously allowed you to choose between showing each post in full, one after the other, or excerpts of each post’s content.

Now you can have both….


Catalyst Theme Hybrid PostsCatalyst Theme Hybrid Post Content

Catalyst Theme options for this functionality allow you to specify how many posts are featured in full before the excerpt version kicks in for the remaining post content display.

You can also display the excerpt versions as full width content as shown above, or in two side-by-side columns.

Catalyst Theme Category Layout Control

In an extension of functionality added in the previous version to allow you to assign a custom page layout to Category archive pages, (and Tag archive pages), Catalyst Theme now lets you assign individual custom page layouts for individual Categories and Tags.

So you can have all your Category pages follow a separate page layout from the rest of the site (e.g. perhaps you might omit sidebars for example), and then let a particular category page display using its own unique page layout (e.g. perhaps a left sidebar). The options and possibilities are endless. You don’t have to use all the functionality all the time, and of course in many cases, it may be unnecessary to do so, but the point is that in those cases where you do need to implement something different like this, it’s usually possible with Catalyst Theme!

Page Title Removal

I’m really pleased this one has been added.

This new option in the Catalyst Core Content settings allows you to remove Page Titles nice and easily.

So for example, you no longer have “About” at the top of the page content, just under the Navigation menu tab that already shows where you are.

You could do this already using the Dynamik Hide settings, but this method is nice and quick. Note though that this new option completely removes the title content from the page code whereas the Hide option does not.

Talking of Navbar menus…

Catalyst Theme Navbar Menus with jQuery Drop-downs

This is kind of slinky…!

jQuery smooths out the drop-down motion when you click on a navbar page tab that has sub menu items in it.

So it’s not such an on/off feel to it, but more a smooth drop-down motion. Very nice touch.


So…. lot’s more cool stuff that shows Catalyst Theme is fast developing into a mature, sophisticated WordPress Theme!


Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet

This new functionality has been included in the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet which has been revised to Version 1.2 to match.

To update to the latest version, login to the Cheat Sheet membership area at:
(you’ll need the username and password details supplied by email when you originally registered for access to it)

Previous versions of the Cheat Sheet have been replaced with the  new version, so just download that.

Click here to find out more about the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet or click here to find out more about Catalyst Theme

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