Affiliate and Promote

The affiliate program for the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet allows you to earn
healthy commissions for sales referred by you.

We use the Nanacast Business Automation system which provides affiliates with
powerful land accurate link tracking functionality.


The Cheat Sheet is of particular interest to those who develop Catalyst based sites for clients
and other ‘end-user’ parties.

Often, those clients do not need to own their own licence for Catalyst Theme as
this is taken care of by the developer’s licence.

This means they do not get access to the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet either.


Suggesting they invest in the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet
can help them better understand the challenges involved,
and work more effectively with you.


Click here to register, get links, images and find out more about the

Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet Affiliate program.

Thank you for your interest.