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…and the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet

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Discover how to make sites using the Catalyst Theme that will be more successful;
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The Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet will help you maximize results from

your use of the Catalyst Premium WordPress Theme


Why is the Catalyst Theme for WordPress so Good?

The Catalyst Theme provides several major benefits for making WordPress sites including:

  • It’s really easy to use…
  • It’s very SEO friendly
  • It’s very powerful and produces clean, fast efficient code
  • It’s flexibility allows almost any design to be implemented
  • It makes site design simple
  • Customization is easy
  • There’s no need to understand coding (unless you want to)
  • It’s great for making business sites, personal sites, affiliate sites, quickly and effectively

Using Catalyst Theme means you can develop great looking, professional quality sites more easily, more quickly and with less effort. That means you have more time to concentrate on what the site should really be about – content. After all, that’s what anyone visiting the site will be interested in.


What is the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet?

The Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet is over 250 pages of great content designed to help you maximize the results you can obtain from using Catalyst Theme.

Whether you want to want to make a site to promote your business, make affiliate product sales, or provide information, the Cheat Sheet will help you develop sites more effectively and more successfully.

  • Do you want to make websites that deliver better results?
  • Do you want to make websites that rank better?
  • Do you want more visitor traffic?
  • Do you want to make more sales?

You may already know just how easy it is to devote hours and hours developing websites that end up half finished, or that don’t get any traffic or sales.

Perhaps you’ve used other website building tools in the past and struggled to get the type of site design you want, or used other WordPress themes that seem to present more problems than solutions!

If so, you’re not the first and wont be the last!

Many people struggle with all the different aspects required in making a website successful.

Well, the good news is that using the Catalyst WordPress theme to develop your sites gives you a huge advantage to start with, and the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet will guide you through the processes to achieve success for your site(s) using techniques, strategies and tips that most other website developers overlook or just don’t do.

See how easy it is to give yourself a huge advantage over them by following the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet!

“When I was doing the research on frameworks to convert my blog from Blogger to WP, I looked at most major themes including Catalyst.

One of the things I assessed for each of them was the documentation. In the end, we were looking at one other theme and Catalyst, and one of the key reasons I did not go with the other theme was because I felt their documentation was not up to par.

I was really impressed that when we received your book, we not only got Catalyst support (which we were expecting), but that amazing beginner’s course in SEO.

I’ve spent a good bit of my career writing technical documentation, and your work is really first rate.”
The Paper Princess


The Process for a Successful Site with Catalyst Theme

Like any good story, there are 3 parts to developing a successful website – a beginning, a middle and an end.

1) Research – most websites serve a purpose. Either to inform, to promote, to engage, to sell (and perhaps all of those). Researching a market will help determine the focus of the site and help ensure it delivers the right content to the right audience.

2) The Site – designing an attractive site with the right elements in the right places ensures your site engages with your intended audience, keeps them interested and keeps them returning.

3) Traffic – you’ve researched it, you’ve built it, now you want to get traffic to it, especially the right kind of focused targeted traffic that is interested in your content and that can be converted into customers.


That’s where the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet comes in.

It will show you how to build more effective, better performing websites with the Catalyst Theme, guiding you through:

  • Market Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Site Purpose
  • Site Layout and Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Traffic Generation and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The Cheat Sheet is not just intended as a user manual for the Catalyst WordPress Theme or to cover all the functionality it provides.

Having said that, because there are so many options and settings available within Catalyst, it does provide an overview of the main functionality of the theme, including where to find and adjust various settings to get the most from it for your sites.

Most importantly though, the Cheat Sheet covers how to develop an effective site using Catalyst; one that is optimized for SEO, that gets visitor traffic and that helps fulfill your expectations of, and intention behind, the site, be it revenue generation, lead generation, or spreading information to a wider audience.


So, choosing the Catalyst Theme for WordPress is a good move to accelerate development of your WordPress sites.

The Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet will help you make the most of it.


And it was kind of nice to get this comment from the developers of Catalyst Theme!

“Seth and I were BLOWN AWAY by your manual.
WOW! Seriously, you’ve done an amazing job with this.”


Learn What Makes a Successful Site with Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet

The Cheat Sheet provides a very easy to follow understanding of:

  • Targeting the right segment of a market for maximum effectiveness and results
  • Keyword research – what makes for good keyword phrases and search terms relevant to your market, why some are better than others
  • SEO techniques and strategies
  • How to maximize the ‘On-Page’ SEO factors you’re in direct control of
  • How to get back links for better ‘Off-Page’ optimization
  • What to avoid and mistakes you shouldn’t make
  • How to plan a site
  • Setting up a WordPress site with Catalyst Theme
  • Using WordPress plugins – which ones
  • Google tools and services
  • Generating traffic
  • Using RSS and Social Media
  • Tips for Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Monitoring and testing your site for success
  • Converting more visitors into actions
  • Building email lists of targeted visitors

That’s in addition to seeing how to use functionality in the Catalyst Theme like:

  • Custom Page Layouts for totally individual page layouts
  • Custom Widget Areas and Custom Hooks for super easy flexibility
  • Header Styles and Widths
  • Static Home Pages and Blog style pages
  • Using the footer area
  • and more…


  • Using the AMAZING Custom CSS Builder – making difficult stuff become super easy
  • The EZ Widget section – super powerful Homepage layouts and more
  • Using Catalyst Shortcodes for super flexibility
  • Making Curved borders and shadows for content panes, sidebars etc..

Finally, all of the above and more is summarized in a concise 2 page Cheat Sheet Checklist and a full list of resources is included too. In total the Cheat Sheet is over 250 pages of useful information and advice to help build better sites with Catalyst Theme.


Getting the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet

If you already own a licence for the Catalyst Theme, checkout the Downloads Section in the
official Catalyst Theme forum for member’s Cheat Sheet access details.


To make the most of the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet
you need to already have, or be about to buy the Catalyst Theme


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You can still get a lot of benefit and understanding of the content it covers if you don’t, but you’ll get more if you do!

You need to appreciate that there is no system where you click a couple of buttons, sit back and watch the money roll in. The content and techniques covered in the Cheat Sheet provide a clear, sensible approach to developing successful sites.


I believe the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet is a valuable document that will help you get more familiar with the Catalyst Theme and understand how to get better results with it more quickly.


If you would like to discover how to develop sites more effectively and successfully
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  • targeting your market better = more buyers
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  • more traffic = more buyers


Even if your site is not primarily a commercial sales vehicle, implementing the Cheat Sheet content will still help you get more of the right kind of visitor traffic that you want to inform and engage with.

Consider also, how much time and wasted effort you can save by following the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet. You might also note that there is no urgent, time limited special offer on this (fake or otherwise).

I hate stuff like that.

It’s $67 today and tomorrow.

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I hope you’ll agree it’s a reasonable price for 250+ pages of great content.

You’ll also get access to updates and additional material in the Cheat Sheet members area as and when it’s published.

And note that there are no on-going membership fees required to access fresh content.

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Click above to get access to the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet now!



If, for some reason, you are not completely satisfied with the value of the Catalyst Theme Cheat Sheet, you are entitled to request a refund at anytime within 30 days of purchase. After refund, you will no longer have access to the members area and any additional material published there such as updates to the Cheat Sheet or further publications.


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